Academic editing

Versed Writings offers copyediting services for academic work including journal articles and doctoral theses as well as undergraduate pieces. Copyediting covers:

  • grammar, punctuation and clarity of expression
  • consistency
  • language (spelling, capitalisation, hyphenation and shortened forms)
  • visual elements (headings, figures, tables and captions)
  • references (accurate and style-confirming).

Substantive editing is available for post-doctoral clients. Substantive editing is more intensive than copyediting and involves an evaluation of content, flow and style.

If you’re a scientific academic working in Latex, I can edit and return your document with LyX software or hand-written notes on a PDF file, depending on your preference.

Editing for government and business

Versed Writings offers copyediting services to government and corporate enterprises on publications including but not limited to:

  • annual reports and other corporate reports
  • communication strategies
  • forms and fact sheets
  • research and policy documents.

This business is registered with Supply Nation which means your organisation can contribute to its Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) targets by procuring Versed Writings.

Manuscript assessments

Versed Writings offers manuscript assessments for novels (including creative fiction and biographies), short stories and narrative essays. Manuscript assessments cover all the essential elements of storytelling such as structure, content and style. The evaluation is provided in the form of a three to four page written report which typically covers the following questions:

  • Is your writing suited for your intended audience?
  • Are your characters well-developed?
  • Do your chapters flow well?
  • Are there any missing elements?
  • What should your next step in the publishing process be?

I also provide copyediting services to writers who want their manuscripts polished ahead of submitting to an agent or publisher.

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