Writing Well Workshops

  • People working in the public service, not-for-profits, private sector or universities who want helpful tips on way to improve their writing skills.
  • Writing Well is designed for people who seek a refresher on basic grammar and plain English
  • It will suit people who work in corporate roles (like administration, data analysis, procurement or contract management) where writing may not be their strength, but is still important to their role.
  • This course will suit people who need to write emails, short reports and briefings in their role .
  • Planning methods – brainstorming, free writing, mind-mapping
  • Structuring – exploring the different ways to structure information (sequentially, hierarchically, chronologically)
  • Writing effective emails (tone, salutations, length)
  • Plain English – active voice, everyday words, clear and concise writing
  • Writing with purpose and meaning
  • Grammar and punctuation tips
  • How to structure long strands of information, e.g. creating lists with commas, semicolons and colons
  • Creating effective sentences – pausing between ideas (full stop, commas and dashes) and connecting ideas (‘but’, ‘therefore’, etc.)
  • Reviewing, editing and proof-reading

Learning Objectives

Participants who attend the Writing Well workshop will be able to:

  • Better prepare for writing tasks by using different brainstorming and planning tools
  • Understand the structure of common documents and how to best organise material to gain maximum buy-in and reader interest
  • Write in plain English and choose the most appropriate words to get a point across
  • Use punctuation to make writing more meaningful and better flowing
  • Apply different methods for reviewing and editing material so that the final version is polished, effective and fit-for-purpose.
  • 10–20 people
  • The format can be tailored to meet your unique organisational requirements.
  • It can be delivered live online or face-to-face.
  • An online survey can be distributed ahead of the sessions to narrow in on what staff wish to learn.
  • The standard format is three 2 hour sessions as follows:
    • Session One: ‘Planning’ and ‘Structuring’
    • Session Two: ‘Plain English’ and ‘The Importance of Meaning’
    • Session Three: ‘Grammar and punctuation tips’ and ‘Reviewing and editing your work’.
  • Staff can send in a sample piece of their writing and I will give feedback between sessions.
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